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New York Jets Should Look At These Four Mystery Prospects

I have been doing research in preparation for the draft and I have uncovered some names that many people either barely mention or don’t mention at all. So I decided to come up with a list of four really intriguing prospects for the New York Jets that fit this description.

  • Bryce Brown (RB, Kansas State): Brown was the the #1 running back prospect in the country in 2009, ahead of Trent Richardson, when he was recruited as a Tennessee Volunteer. The former Volunteer definitely has the ability (speed, quickness, and strength) to play at the next level but many will question his character after his transfer to Kansas State in 2010, followed by him dropping out in 2011 after playing only three games. He’s definitely going to be considered by some teams as a third day pick.
  • Bernard Smith (DE/OLB, Louisiana-Lafayette): I’m not sure any major expert has heard of this prospect. I was watching film of Ryan Lindley‘s game against Louisiana-Lafayette when I noticed Smith was getting past San Diego State’s line and pressuring Lindley relentlessly. This prospect seems like a Rex Ryan type of guy, underrated but relentless and not afraid to make contact with linemen. A possible undrafted free agent signing or seventh round pick.
  • Jeff Adams (OT, Columbia): I have been hoping the Jets get this guy for a while. He’s an extremely smart, hardworking, and motivated player who has a rare natural frame and good footwork. Adams is not a finished product but he’s definitely somebody the Jets could develop; with a couple years of coaching and building bulk to his frame Adams might be a legitimate starter in the NFL.
  • LaVon Brazil (WR, Ohio): At about 5’11″ Brazil is not considered a very tall player but he has the speed and explosiveness to develop into a weapon in the Jets offense. The Ohio wide receiver has the ability to separate from defensive backs and get yards after the catch, something our team desperately needs. According to, he would be most effectively used in the short passing game, which is something the Jets will probably emphasize with Mark Sanchez since their offense will be focused on running the ball.