Auburn Unveils Cam Newton Statue in Alabama

By Dave Daniels

Only 28 months after enrolling at Auburn University, Cam Newton can now go visit a statue of himself in Alabama. He can add that to a list of accomplishments that include Heisman Trophy Winner, National Champion at two different levels, #1 Draft Pick and NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears said earlier in the off-season that he is about to take over the league. Auburn fans gave Newton a welcoming reception as Auburn raised statues of all 3 of their Heisman Trophy Winners: Newton, Bo Jackson, and Pat Sullivan.

“It’s a unique club,” Bo Jackson said. “There’s only been 76 of those trophies handed out over the years, and we have three of them. It’s almost like, wow. It’s almost like finding a rare coin that doesn’t exist anymore and you come across it. And we have three right here in Auburn.”

Jackson won the award in 1985 and Sullivan in 1971. They have been long-time Auburn icons, but Newton raised his own statue less than 28 months after inking with the Tigers.

“God works in mysterious ways,” Newton said.

Newton’s 1,900-pound bronze statue shows him running with the ball tucked into his right arm, and it fits given that he just had the most rushing touchdowns by any NFL quarterback ever. He was a featured part of Auburn’s running game, and at times looked un-tackleable with the ball in his hands. Newton said he still has “a warmth in my heart” for Auburn even though he was only there for a year.

Newton wrote a poem for the event that alluded to his previously checkered past:
“My road to the top had a couple pit stops, but during my time at Auburn,
The love of the Auburn family would not let my morale drop.
Greatness was what I strived for, and greatness was what I got.”

Greatness is now enshrined by a statue in Auburn, Alabama.

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