Cam Newton Holds Slim Lead in Madden Voting Final Four

By Dave Daniels

Cam Newton has had a pretty effortless run to the Final Four of fan voting for the next Madden 2013 cover player, and looks like a likely candidate to perhaps surpass Patrick Willis and get to the Final round of voting. However, his current over Willis is fairly slim; he currently owns 52.8 percent of the vote, and it begs the question if Carolina Panther fans are now voting the other way on Newton so as to avoid the famed Madden-Cover-Curse. I am not particularly superstitious, but when something like this is under fan-control wouldn’t it be better to play it safe than sorry? Newton’s astounding rookie year cannot be denied though, and I would be hard pressed to name a rookie quarterback more deserving of this honor.

At the same time, as historic as Newton’s rookie year was, maybe it would be a better plan for his team to actually make the playoffs before we pre-ordain him as an NFL superstar before he has been able to guide his team to the Playoffs. Granted Newton did not have a lot of help last year from the Panthers’ defense, who will probably be much better than last year considering the number of free agents, draft picks, and players returning from season-ending injuries last year that the Panthers will have coming in.

All honors will and should be given to whoever wins, because all 4 competitors left in the field (Aaron Rodgers and Calvin Johnson are in the other bracket) are very deserving, but here’s hoping that whoever wins puts the nix on the Madden Curse.

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