Eagles Fans Are Passionate, Loyal And Demanding: What's Wrong With That?

By Frank Benditt III


Nationally, the Philadelphia Eagles fans get a bad rap.  Some of the national pundits would have people believe that we are Negat-Delphia.  Some of that is true.  It seems we are conditioned for inevitable failure.  Year after year, the Eagles are in the mix, but fall short.  I love a healthy discussion with anyone who does not understand Philadelphia fans.

As football fans, we yearn for greatness.  We yearn for championships.  Here’s the catch:  our passion derives from competitive effort.  Simple as that.  If Philadelphians boo, there’s a damn good reason.  As a blue-collar town, fans, spending their hard earned money, go in droves to watch our beloved Philadelphia Eagles.  If a player does not compete at full effort, then our expectations our not met.  That is not a bad cycle of emotions, after all, sports are competitive by design.

I believe Eagles fans are fair.  In general, everyone goes to a sporting event to “have a good time”, but the effort in the result is what matters.  Continually, when a major city (people seem to forget that about Philadelphia ) is deprived of the end goal of a championship, the longing becomes more fervent.  The Eagles have not won a Super Bowl.  The last great accomplishment of the organization was the NFL Championship in 1960.

The average Philadelphia sports fans are some of the most educated in the country, especially concerning the Eagles.  Many other fans are happy with being competitive.  A lot of those same fans have a Super Bowl win to hang their hat on.  We know all to well, the Eagles are in the NFC East which boasts 12 Super Bowl wins (Cowboys:  5; Giants:  4; Redskins:  3).

The Eagles fans will always cheer and consistently sell out the Linc.  To the possible new additions to the roster, have thick skin………and prepare to give maximum effort or be BOOED!!!!  It is our way of showing that we care.

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