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Green Bay Packers’ Mike McCarthy Ranks 3rd Among NFL Coaches

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Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy ranks third among NFL head coaches, according to’s Head Coach Power Rankings.

The only two coaches ahead of McCarthy in the rankings are New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin. Both coaches deserve the nod as they led their respected teams to the Super Bowl, with Coughlin getting the edge over Belichick for the second time in as many attempts.

McCarthy deserves to be ranked third as he led his team to a franchise-best 15-1 regular season record after coming off a season where his team won the Super Bowl. The Packers were heavy favorites to repeat as Super Bowl champions until the Giants upset them at Lambeau Field, the second time in the playoffs during Coughlin’s reign.

The following is what NFL Analyst Elliot Harrison had to say about McCarthy in the power rankings:

Some dudes just have a killer instinct. McCarthy is like that dungeon master in D&D who just wasn’t happy until he annihilated your knight, cleric, wizard, the whole damn party. He’s a master strategist who knows how to move his pieces. Oh, and he has a Vince Lombardi Trophy to his credit.

Green Bay will be looking to bounce back this season in similar fashion, except this time finishing it with another Super Bowl victory. The Packers will start their campaign in a couple weeks when they pick 28th in the NFL Draft.

Here is a list of where all 32 head coaches rank:

1. Bill Belichick, Patriots

2. Tom Coughlin, Giants

3. Mike McCarthy, Packers

4. Mike Tomlin, Steelers

5. John Harbaugh, Ravens

6. Andy Reid, Eagles

7. Jim Harbaugh, 49ers

8. John Fox, Broncos

9. Jeff Fisher, Rams

10. Rex Ryan, Jets

11. Lovie Smith, Bears

12. Ken Whisenhunt, Cardinals

13. Mike Smith, Falcons

14. Marvin Lewis, Bengals

15. Gary Kubiak, Texans

16. Mike Shanahan, Redskins

17. Jim Schwartz, Lions

18. Norv Turner, Chargers

19. Pete Carroll, Seahawks

20. Romeo Crennel, Chiefs

21. Mike Munchak, Titans

22. Chan Gailey, Bills

23. Jason Garrett, Cowboys

24. Ron Rivera, Panthers

25. Mike Mularkey, Jaguars

26. Joe Philbin, Dolphins

27. Leslie Frazier, Vikings

28. Chuck Pagano, Colts

29. Pat Shurmur, Browns

30. Dennis Allen, Raiders

31. Greg Schiano, Buccaneers

32. Joe Vitt, Saints

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