RUMOR: Dallas Clark Retires?

By Riley Schmitt

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“Word on the street” says that former Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark “is done”, says Yahoo.  I think we are going to have to file this under the rumor section, because word on the street and is done are not exactly clarifying phrases.  However, it would not be shocking considering Peyton Manning opted to have Jacob Tamme come to the Denver Broncos with him instead of Clark.

Clark was extremely productive with the Colts after being a first round pick in 2003.  The tight end from Iowa was a new hybrid that we are beginning to see more of in today’s league.  Clark could play split out just as easily as he could on the line.  This made him perfect for a Manning offense that relies a lot of play changing and attacking soft spots.

Clark was released this offseason after his last two seasons were basically vanquished by injuries.  That would also be another reason for a retirement.  If you can not stay healthy, not a lot of teams are going to take a flier on you.

Clark’s special abilities were shown in both the pros and in college.  His best known play is probably from the 2002 Iowa/Purdue game.  Clark caught a 95 yard touchdown pass in a close fought game where every point was necessary.  He ran away from the Purdue secondary, even though he was a tight end.  As a Purdue fan, that play nearly killed me.  As a current Iowa student, I have to begrudgingly enjoy that play.

I also have to enjoy this play where Clark caught the game winning touchdown.  Great game for him, rough game for the Purdue defense.

If this truly is the end, Clark had a fine career and we wish him well in his future.

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