2012 Buffalo Bills Schedule Released: NFL Schedules Finally Unveiled

By Jeff Sattora

The long wait is over for Buffalo Bills players and fans, the 2012 Buffalo Bills schedule has finally been released.  Early thoughts on the schedule could be promising for Bills fans as they have four of their final five games at home, including week 17 vs the division rival New York Jets.

One major drawback is the team will not have any Sunday or Monday prime time games this upcoming year,  something some fans thought might be in the cards.  Looking at divisions, the Bills and the AFC East will cross with the NFC West.

This schedule could be a great one for a Bills team looking to finally make it back in the playoffs after a 12 year drought.

Here is a look at the schedule:

Week 1- 1:00 pm @ New York  Jets on CBS

Week 2- 1:00 pm vs Kansas City Chiefs on CBS

Week 3- 1:00 pm @ Cleveland Browns on CBS

Week 4- 1:00 pm vs New England Patriots on CBS

Week 5- 4:15 pm @ San Francisco 49ers on CBS

Week 6- 4:05 pm @Arizona Cardinals on CBS

Week 7- 1:00 pm vs Tennessee Titans on CBS

Week 8- BYE

Week 9- 1:00 pm @ Houston Texans on CBS

Week 10 1:00 pm @ New England Patriots on CBS

Week 11 8:20 pm vs Miami Dolphins on NFL Network (Thursday night game)

Week 12- 1:00 pm @ Indianapolis Colts on CBS

Week 13- 1:00 pm vs Jacksonville Jaguars on CBS

Week 14 1:00 pm vs St. Louis Rams on FOX

Week 15- 4:05 pm vs Seattle Seahawks on FOX (game in Toronto)

Week 16- 1:00 pm @ Miami Dolphins on CBS

Week 17- 1:00 pm vs New York Jets on CBS


Check back later this week for more thoughts on the schedule, and make sure to follow me on twitter @jeffsattora

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