Andrew Luck Is The Best Quarterback Prospect In The 2012 NFL Draft

By Akiva Goldenberg

Andrew Luck has been a starter at Stanford for three years. He’s won 31 out of 38 games and holds almost every Stanford passing record, the same school John Elway played for. Somehow there are a number of experts who don’t see him as a the best quarterback talent in this year’s NFL Draft.

Luck’s never played with a quality wide receiver and his best receiving option was a tight end, Coby Fleener, who might or might not be a first round pick. Despite all the talk about his abilities as a pocket passer, Luck is just as athletic as Cam Newton, and he’s willing to use that athleticism.

He’s literally the most prepared quarterback prospect to enter the NFL, ever. Luck was trained to read the defense and find the vulnerabilities in it’s coverage, not to go through a pre-set receiver progression like all the other quarterback draft prospects in 2012. There is not a single NFL throw that he can’t make, and he has the ability to place his passes exactly where the receiver would have the best chance of catching the ball.

His mechanics are very good and he demonstrates a quick compact release. Some critics claim Robert Griffin III is a better prospect because he’s a more athletic quarterback who throws the football with better velocity, but they seem to omit the fact that Griffin played alongside another future first round pick, Kendall Wright. Wright’s speed and ability to separate from the defensive backs of the Big 12 certainly contributed to Griffin’s success.

One thing I’m certain of is that Luck is going to a much better situation in Indianapolis than Griffin will be entering in Washington D.C. Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, understands how to build a team around a quarterback, whereas Mike Shanahan, head coach and general manager of the Washington Redskins, has recently tried to win and failed with the likes of Jay Cutler, Donovan McNabb, and Rex Grossman.

So if I had to bet on which prospect in this year’s NFL draft would have the most success, his name would definitely be Andrew Luck.

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