Dallas Cowboys' QB Tony Romo Attempting US Open Qualifier

By Bryan Lutz

Dallas Cowboys‘ quarterback Tony Romo is getting his Deion Sanders on.  The three-time Pro Bowler is ditching his football cleats for golf spikes again, in hopes that he can qualify for the 2012 US Open. The US Open starts on June 14, but Tony Romo – or should I said Antonio Romo – will have to earn his way to the event.

The first hill Romo will have to climb is a May 14th qualifier at the Old American Golf Clubs, which is near the Dallas area. If Romo plays well enough in that qualifier, he will move to Houston for the sectional tournament. Two years prior, Romo actually made the sectional tournament before he withdrew due to football-related obligations. So it isn’t out of realm of possibility that we see Tony Romo tee up in Houston, although he failed to make the sectionals last year when he shot an 81.

Of course some Cowboys’ fans probably have problems with their franchise quarterback trying to pull a Roy McAvoy and make the US Open as a hacker. However, personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.

It’s no secret athletes love golfing, and it’s no secret that Tony Romo loves to golf. It’s not like Springtime is a high priority time for NFL players. Oh no, he’s going to miss a voluntary training camp, what will the Cowboys do!? *Gasp*

I think it’s pretty cool Tony Romo keeps trying this. What if he actually makes the US Open? Can you imagine the hype and storylines we will have for that tournament? It would be crazy!

It’s not like his football career is going superbly well, anyways. That window of opportunity has come and gone, with the Dallas Cowboys stuck in a middle ground.

So have at it, Tony! Grip it and rip it, buddy. What’s the worst that could happen? You can’t botch a snap in golf.

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