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NFL Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions 2012 NFL Schedule Shows That the Team is Back in Primetime

The Detroit Lions NFL schedule was released today and the team is front and center with five nationally televised games.

Week two’s Sunday night game features the Lions and the San Francisco 49ers in a match-up that produced a memorable game last season and ended with the coaches not ending on the nest of terms. Lions coach Jim Schwartz would want nothing more than to beat the 49ers and Jim Harbaugh in San Francisco to get a little revenge.

The schedule also features a Monday night game in Chicago against the Chicago Bears and a Thanksgiving match-up against the Houston Texans. Other televised games include games against the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons.

Just four years ago in 2008 the Detroit Lions were the laughing stock of not only the NFL, but of the sporting world in general. The team was ripped apart in many jokes from late night comedians to the average sports fan. It even got so bad that even people with little to no knowledge of sports whatsoever never mind football itself, understood how historically bad the 2008 Lions were.

The year 2008 was a bad one for many people in this country as the economy collapsed, unemployment rates went up and home foreclosures increased at an alarming rate. The city of Detroit’s economy was hit as hard as any place in the United States and the football team struggled miserably on the field with a 0-16 season.

Many would think that this would further create a bigger rift between fans and the franchise, but instead both the Lions and their fans developed the common thread of being underdogs. Both entities are undergoing a rebuilding process and to everyone outside of Detroit’s surprise the city is making strides and the Lions are once again a playoff team that is being featured in nationally televised games.