Indianapolis Colts: 2012 Regular Season Schedule Breakdown/Predictions

By Daniel Canova

The Indianapolis Colts 2012 Regular Season Schedule and my personal breakdown is as followed:


Week 1: at Chicago Bears

-Going into Chicago is never easy.  Soldier Field is one of the most difficult stadiums to play in, especially when the Bears defense is ranked among the tops in the league.  Assuming Andrew Luck is drafted by Indianapolis, this will be his first regular season game as a Colt.  Having Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and company as an opponent will be very tough. Prediction: Loss 24-14

Week 2: vs Minnesota Vikings

-Both the Vikings and the Colts are in a similar predicament.  They both will have young quarterbacks. Christian Ponder only a sophomore, and Andrew Luck will be a rookie in the NFL.  I believe Andrew Luck is a better quarterback than Christian Ponder, even though he has yet to play a down in the NFL.  Therefore, the Colts will get their first win of the season in Week 2 against the Vikings, in Andrew Luck’s home debut. Prediction: Win 21-17

Week 3: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

-Another team that is similar to the Colts is division foe, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Blaine Gabbert is another young quarterback in the NFL, only in his second season.  He was awful last year for the Jaguars, but now under new head coach, Mike Mularkey, Gabbert is expected to progress in his sophomore season.  However, I believe Andrew Luck is a much better quarterback than Gabbert, and he will lead the Colts to victory in his 3rd start in the NFL. Prediction: Win 17-10

Week 4: BYE

Week 5: vs Green Bay Packers

-Based on regular season records from a year ago, this is Indy’s toughest test of the entire NFL Season.  Aaron Rodgers is the reigning NFL MVP, and he is a Superbowl Champion.  Green Bay will be a favorite to compete in the Superbowl next year, so the rebuilding Colts will need a miracle to win this one.  If Peyton Manning was a Colt, I would give them a chance, but in only Andrew Luck’s 4th NFL game, it’s tough to say he will win this one. Prediction: Loss 35-17

Week 6: at New York Jets


-This game is one of the trickiest on Indy’s schedule.  First and foremost, will Tim Tebow replace Mark Sanchez by Week 6?  Or will Mark Sanchez remain the starter because the Jets are on a roll?  That is a very tough pill too swallow.  But I believe no matter who’s under center, Andrew Luck is better than both of these quarterbacks as well.  Many people are not giving Indy much credit heading into next year, but if Luck lives up to his hype, this is a game he should win. Prediction: Win 24-21

Week 7: vs Cleveland Browns


-The New York Giants have the hardest schedule according to the “Strength of Schedule” system.  The Denver Broncos are number two, and yes, you guessed it the poor Cleveland Browns have the 3rd hardest schedule on paper heading into next season.  Does Cleveland ever get a break?  Because they will have a very tough schedule, an away game in Indianapolis is just as hard as an away game in Pittsburgh.  The Colts should win this game with ease. Prediction: Win 27-13

Week 8: at Tennessee Titans


-When divisional games are played, both teams always seem to crank it up a notch.  Look at Pittsburgh vs Baltimore or the Jets vs New England.  This game is no different.  Both teams will add that extra energy to their game against a divisional rival.  Because the Titans have more experience, and because they are an overall better team, they will most likely get the victory in a close battle. Prediction: Loss 23-20

Week 9: vs Miami Dolphins


-The Miami Dolphins are one of the most interesting teams in the NFL.  You really don’t know what to expect from them, especially looking at last year’s season.  Because of their inconsistency and their inability to win games they should win.  The Colts will win an “upset” at home against the Fins.  I guess you can call it an “upset”.  Right? Prediction: Win 14-10

Week 10: at Jacksonville Jaguars


-First in Week 3, and now in Week 7.  Back in Week 3, the Colts will be in Lucas Oil Stadium against their division rival.  Now they will be in Jacksonville.  The Jaguars will want revenge from a devastating loss in Indy, there is no way they lose this game.  Maurice Jones-Drew is the difference maker in this one. Prediction: Loss 21-14

Week 11: at New England Patriots


-As a Colts fan, every year I get excited for the match between two of the best quarterbacks in the league.  Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning.  This year it is totally different.  Somehow the Patriots have the easiest strength of schedule in the entire NFL, which means Brady will win this game without breaking a fingernail.  Especially because it is in New England, and he will want to teach the young Andrew Luck a lesson.  Welcome to the NFL, Mr. Luck. Prediction: Loss 31-21

Week 12: vs Buffalo Bills


-This is another game very similar to the Colts/Dolphins matchup.  Which Buffalo Bills team will we see in Week 12 of the 2012 NFL Season?  Will it be the Bills that started off 5-0 a year ago or the “other” Bills team that struggled to win the rest of the regular season?  Because this game is in Indianapolis, I will give the Colts an advantage. Prediction: Win 27-20

Week 13: at Detroit Lions


-For years the Detroit Lions have been torched by every single team in the NFL, including the Colts when Peyton Manning was on the team.  If I recall correctly, Manning threw for 6 touchdown passes on a Thanksgiving game in less than three quarters back in 2004.  Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and the boys will be reminded of that even though they were not on the Lions team.  The potent Lions offense will torch the Colts in this one. Prediction: Loss 35-14

Week 14: vs Tennessee Titans


-The 2nd game against the Titans will be revengeful in the Colts eyes.  The Colts probably won’t be in the race for the division title, however winning against your division foes is always good.  I believe they will lose the game in Tennessee, but when Week 14 rolls around and the game is in Indy.  Andrew Luck begs to differ. Prediction: Win 24-21

Week 15: at Houston Texans


-When Peyton Manning was a Colt, and the Texans were a young, inexperienced expansion team, Indy used to lay beatings on the division rival.  Houston must be licking their chops because you know what they say, “What goes around, comes around”.  Even though it is years later, karma will always turn around and bite you.  Manning won’t be apart of the beating, but he will feel the after effects of this one.  Especially if his heart is still in Indianapolis. Prediction: Loss 31-10

Week 16: at Kansas City Chiefs


-The Chiefs are another one of those “weird” teams.  Inconsistency revolves around this team like no tomorrow.  However, the Chiefs are a very, very productive home team.  Opponents hate going into Arrowhead Stadium.  Assuming everyone is healthy in Week 16, the Chiefs can lay a brutal punishment on the young, inexperienced Colts team. Prediction: Loss 21-10

Week 17: vs Houston Texans

-Round two.  If the Texans clinch the AFC South around this time, they will rest players which may give the Colts a chance to win this game.  I’m assuming this does happen, and the Colts conclude their season on a strong note looking ahead to Chuck Pagano, Andrew Luck and co.’s sophomore season. Prediction: Win 20-17


Overall Record: 8-8


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