Photo: Pittsburgh Steelers 80th Season Throwback Jerseys

By David LaRose

The Pittsburgh Steelers have basically had the same look since the inception of their franchise. Black and Gold with the Steelers logo on just one side (right side) of their helmet. It has been a constant for Steelers fans but this year they are going to see something a little different.

Ok, a lot different.

Earlier today the Steelers unveiled their design for their 80th season commemoration jerseys and I’ll be the first to tell you that these are some of the ugliest jerseys I have ever seen. Most of my family grew up in Pennsylvania so as a kid I was around tons of Steelers memorabilia and learned to appreciate the simplicity that their uniforms possessed. Simple Steelers colors are fine with me but not the bumblebee look that they have going on with these unis.

I understand that the jersey is a throwback to their 1934 digs but these are brutally bad. The throwback jerseys that old AFL teams wore back in 2009 were pretty hideous for the most part, especially the Denver Broncos threads (vertical socks are never a good idea) but these Steelers ones might be worse.

Here are a few more looks courtesy of the Steelers twitter page:

I wonder what was going through the mind of running back Isaac Redman when he was modeling the new looks? I’m sure that a lot of Steelers fans will want to buy the jersey just because it is something new and Pittsburgh, being some of the most passionate fans in sports, will support most anything their teams do. I also think that I might get some flak for throwing so much criticism at these new looks but I’m ok with that being a Broncos fan first and foremost.

At least they kept the look of the helmet the same…

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