San Diego should choose Case Keenum in round seven of the 2012 NFL Draft

The San Diego Chargers have two seventh round picks in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.  San Diego has the 19th and 43rd picks which are the 226th and the 250th overall selections.  Former Houston Cougars quarterback Case Keenum should be on San Diego’s radar. During his time at Houston, Keenum averaged 344 passing yards per game, completed 69 percent of his passes, threw for 155 touchdowns and 46 interceptions.

San Diego only has two QBs on their roster in Philip Rivers and Charlie Whitehurst the latter of which threw 49 TDs and 46 INTs in college and has a 1-3 career record with three TDs and four INTs in the NFL.  Whitehurst is a questionable backup as San Diego missed out on guys like Kyle Orton and David Garrard who have a combined five full seasons with winning records.  Whitehurst will be the number two guy unless San Diego moves up to get someone else besides Keenum in the draft.  However, Whitehurst is not the answer as a number two QB.

Keenum would be a respectable third string QB for the 2012 season.  If San Diego does not move up in the draft to take someone else besides Keenum, they will still need a second string QB for the future.  Whitehurst will be 30 years old by the start of the 2012 season, and was unable to prove that he was good enough to be the number one QB over Tarvaris Jackson for the Seattle Seahawks in 2011. Jackson had a 10-10 record before last season with 24 TDs and 22 INTs.  This proves that San Diego should still be searching for their number two QB.



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  • Robert Clark

    You are right but you undersell Keenum. His accuracy is more than the 71% number it is about where he throws the ball. He hits his receivers in stride and a bit out in front so they can catch it quickly and start adding Yards After Catch numbers. Anyone who watches football recognizes what an advantage it is to have a QB like that. He has always been strong on mid and short throws but this last year there was a big emphasis on the long passes. The second the safety cheated up they would go long. Keenum again was throwing the receivers open and leading them so they did not have to wait for the ball.

    Those that follow University of Houston will tell you they never had a doubt that Keenum could lead them back from any deficit. In interviews you could tell the teammates felt the same way. After the team fell behind 30-3 against Louisana Tech he led them back in the 3rd and 4th quarter to victory. In other games they got down by a couple of scores but TD’s would be put up in quick succession to erase the deficit.

    Great young man to have on a roster and in the community. A nimble player that keeps plays alive with his feet and seems to always know who to throw to as opposed to locking on the first option.

    • Kenny Gardner

      I do not understand how I undersold Keenum unless you’re talking about me calling him a respectable third sting quarterback for 2012. I pointed out his amazing completion percentage with his ridiculous yards per game average and his better than 3 to 1 TD to INT ratio for his career at Houston. has him projected as a seventh round pick or not being drafted at all, which is the reason I said he would be a respectable third string based on where he is projected to go. Never said he will not be anything better than a third string or backup, just saying there are better options than him and Whitehurst for a number two QB in 2012