Tennessee Titans 2012 Regular Season Schedule is Now Released

By Stephanie Umek

The NFL football season will open on a Wednesday instead of it’s  usual Thursday due to Democratic National Convention. The Titans regular season schedule has been released, and they will begin their season what do the 17 weeks of September 9-December 30 look like for the Titans? Take a Look below for all information needed:

September 2012

Week 1:               September 9      1:00 P.M. ET       vs.          New England Patriots

Week 2:               September 16   4:14 P.M. ET       at            San Diego Chargers

Week 3:               September 23   1:00 P.M. ET       vs            Detroit Lions

Week 4:               September 30   1:00 P.M. ET       at            Houston Texans

October 2012

Week 5:               October 7            1:00 P.M. ET       at            Minnesota Vikings

Week 6:               October 11          8:20 P.M. ET       vs            Pittsburg Steelers (Thursday Night)

Week 7:               October 21          1:00 P.M. ET       at            Buffalo Bills

Week 8:               October 28          1:00 P.M. ET       vs            Indianapolis Colts

November 2012

Week 9:               November 4       1:00 P.M. ET       vs            Chicago Bears

Week 10:             November 11    1:00 P.M. ET       at            Miami Dolphins (Veterans Day)

Week 11:             BYE

Week 12:             November 25    1:00 P.M. ET       at            Jacksonville Jaguars

December 2012

Week 13:             December 2       1:00 P.M. ET       vs            Houston Texans

Week 14:             December 9       1:00 P.M. ET       at            Indianapolis Colts

Week 15:             December 17     8:30 P.M. ET       vs            New York Jets (Monday Night Game)

Week 16:             December 23     1:00 P.M. ET       at            Green Bay Packers

Week 17:             December 30     1:00 P.M. ET       vs            Jacksonville Jaguars


There are a few games that stick out in my mind right when I do see this schedule is automatically the opening week for the Titans. It is going to be a huge wake up call for Tennessee starting out their season against a team like New England. It is really going to test their ambition of wanting to improve from a 9-7 teams and hopefully make a jump for the play offs this year. Maybe it will help that the game is at home.

Another thing that catches my eye right away is the two games against Houston. Houston is the team to beat in the AFC South. They are one of the teams that was holding Tennessee back from the play-offs this past January and I can be one to say that the Titans want to avoid that mass confusion of their hope resting on the other teams in their division.

All in all it’s going to be a very exciting season and all Titans fans can be sure to bet that with all the changes made to the team that the Tennessee Titans will be looking for a season that doesn’t end on December 30th 2012.


Thanks to NFL.com for the regular season schedule

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