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Washington Redskins 2012 NFL Schedule Released

The NFL has released the Washington Redskins schedule for the 2012 season and it begins in the “Who Dat” Nation.  Below is the schedule you’ve been salivating to see:

1 Sun, Sept. 9 at New Orleans Saints FOX 1 p.m.
2 Sun, Sept. 16 at St. Louis Rams FOX 4:05 p.m.
3 Sun, Sept. 23 vs. Cincinnati Bengals CBS 1 p.m.
4 Sun, Sept. 30 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers FOX 4:15 p.m.
5 Sun, Oct. 7 vs. Atlanta Falcons FOX 1 p.m.
6 Sun, Oct. 14 vs. Minnesota Vikings FOX 4:15 p.m.
7 Sun, Oct. 21 at New York Giants FOX 1 p.m.
8 Sun, Oct. 28 at Pittsburgh Steelers FOX 1 p.m.
9 Sun, Nov. 4 vs. Carolina Panthers FOX 1 p.m.
10 Bye
11 Sun, Nov. 18 vs. Philadelphia Eagles FOX 1 p.m.
12 Thu, Nov. 22 at Dallas Cowboys FOX 4:15 p.m.
13 Mon, Dec. 3 vs. New York Giants ESPN 8:30 p.m.
14 Sun, Dec. 9 vs. Baltimore Ravens CBS 1 p.m.
15 Sun, Dec. 16 at Cleveland Browns FOX 1 p.m.
16 Sun, Dec. 23 at Philadelphia Eagles FOX 1 p.m.
17 Sun, Dec. 30 vs. Dallas Cowboys FOX 1 p.m.


The Redskins without a doubt will have something to prove this season and it will begin with the arrival of their new quarterback, presumably Robert Griffin III.  RG3 enters what I consider the most ruthless of NFL Divsions –The NFC East. Here, he can expect the deal with the likes of Michael Vick, Eli Manning and Tony Romo.

The opening game facing the New Orleans Saints will be the chance we see RG3 in action against a broken down Saints Squad.  The Saints will be starting their season without head coach Sean Payton, but will walk on the field suspect. This is due to all the fallout from the immortal NFL drama “Bounty Gate”. RG3 will have to come out strong because the Saints will be out to prove that no matter what the tabloids have said, and no matter what has happened within the franchise, they’re still Super Bowl Champions and should be respected on the field.

Jump down to Oct. 21 and the Redskins will once again take on the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. This was a team they beat twice last season.

They lost to the Redskins 28-14 Sept. 11 and 23-10 Dec. 18

And so the Giants took it out on the New England Patriots…again.

Week 11-14 will be the most brutal  weeks  because these are teams they have natural beef with.  Nov. 18 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles will be personal due to the performance Michael Vick gave  at FedEx last year.    Bear in mind the Eagles beat the Redskins both times last year, the first being Oct. 16 (20-13), and the second loss at the end of the season, 34-10.

Then there’s Dallas: A team that for many is the NFL 2012 season (As in, “Lose every game, just beat Dallas”). If RG3 can get past the Cowboys, he’ll  win the vote of everyone in the Redskins Nation. That might be his coronation.

Week 15 will also be interesting against the Cleveland Browns. Why? Because they’ll get a chance to see what they could have had.  This is the season you don’t want to miss.