Why Fume, 2K? Arizona Cardinals' Pursuit of Manning Was Justified

By Greg Archuleta

To fume or not to fume; that is the question.

Quarterback Kevin Kolb addressed the media Monday about the Arizona Cardinals’ pursuit of free agent Peyton Manning. Monday was the first day NFL players could participate in their respective team’s offseason strength and conditioning programs.

The comments were the first by Kolb, whom the Cards signed last offseason to be their starting QB, since the Manning free agency tour started when the Indianapolis Colts released the future Hall of Famer on March 7.

Several media reports indicated that Kolb wasn’t upset that Arizona pursued Manning; instead Kolb talked about a lack of communication during the process that bothered him.

Exactly what Kolb knew – or didn’t know – is difficult to determine.

FoxSportsArizona.com reported that “Kolb said that while coach Ken Whisenhunt called him ‘right off the bat’ when the Cards entered the Manning sweepstakes, he felt a few things, namely communication, could have been handled better.”

CSNPhilly.com, however, reported that “Kolb reportedly learned the team was pursuing Manning from watching TV and seeing a news update on the bottom of the screen. On Monday, Kolb said he expressed his discontent to Whisenhunt, when the team began its off-season workouts.

‘I just said, in the future, if you can just communicate with me, I can take it, if this is the route you’re going,’ Kolb told the Cardinals’ website (via ProFootballTalk). ‘I’d just rather hear it from [Whisenhunt] than the ticker. And he agreed, and that’s how relationships grow.’ ”

Further hindering matters was the fact that comments from Whisenhunt on the matter were nowhere to be found on any media report.

FoxSports Arizona added later that “Kolb said in the days before his $7 million roster bonus was due (March 17), he turned off his phone and played a lot with his kids to keep his mind free of worry.”

Should Kolb be upset? And what should he be upset about? How does management keep Kolb abreast of the situation if he’s not answering calls?

Other reports Monday focused on the fact that Kolb felt concussion-like symptoms for three weeks after the 2011 season ended.

Here’s what we know: Whisenhunt may or may not have told Kolb immediately that the Cardinals were going to test the Manning waters, but he did talk to Kolb at some point. Arizona’s pursuit also started about a month after Kolb’s head stopped hurting.

Let’s put this in context.

Let’s assume I told my editors that I needed a three-week break from writing after last season because of carpal tunnel syndrome. Then a month later, Bob Costas suddenly is looking for a job and my editors contact him.

Should I be mad at my employer, which now has a right to wonder how much I can write?

And would I want them to tell me about every conversation my editors had with Costas? Apparently not, if I turned off my phone.

Sorry, Kevin. With the evidence – or lack of evidence – we have, when you were asked about what you thought of the Manning courtship, you should’ve just said you understood the organization inquiring about a Hall of Fame quarterback and you’d use it as motivation.

End of story. End of fuming.

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