5 Interesting Games for the New York Giants in 2012

By jason evans

Yes every game is interesting in the NFL (even that Jaguars Vikings game on the schedule if you have a guy on your fantasy team in it). The New York Giants divisional games are always inttriguing but what about the non divisional ones? Here are five that caught my eye.


  1. Week 3 @ Carolina


This game is interesting on two levels. One, it will be the Giants lone Thursday night appearance coming off of their week two home game versus Tampa Bay. Secondly, Cam Newton against the Giants pass rush will be a fun watch. You know Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora (if he’s still with the team) will be chomping at the bit to get after Cam especially when this game will be the only game going on.


  1. Week 6 @ San Francisco


When the schedule came out, I was surprised this game wasn’t in prime time. There are a ton of story lines for this one. I guarantee you Kyle Williams will want to return punts during this game. The 49ers will definitely play with a chip on their shoulder after losing the NFC championship game last year. Brandon Jacobs will probably throw himself into it as well facing his former team. He will say something to create an additional storyline that week prior to gameday.


  1. Week 12 vs. Green Bay


The Sunday Night game Thanksgiving weekend will always get good ratings. These should be through the roof. As everyone finishes off their 10th turkey sandwich of the weekend, you get to sit back, relax and watch Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning. The Packers and Giants have played some great games over the years, and there is a chance that this one won’t be any different.


  1. Week 14 vs. New Orleans


For all of the things surrounding the Saints for this season, the Giants always have trouble with this offense. Will things be different this year without Sean Payton on the sidelines? Who knows. Drew Brees is still the quarterback and he still has great targets to throw to.


  1. Week 16 @ Baltimore


This was almost the super bowl, but due to a missed kick and a drop in the endzone it was not. The last time these two teams played, the Giants ran the ball all over the Ravens and blew them out. Granted it was four years ago, but I bet that it will be in the back of the minds of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed when they play in this one.

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