Chase Blackburn is back with the New York Giants

By jason evans

Special teams ace and Super Bowl hero Chase Blackburn re-signed with the Giants for the 2012 season. Blackburn has been a part of the Giants past two super bowl winning teams, first as primarily a special teams player, then this past season as the starting middle linebacker down the stretch.


Blackburn was a substitute teacher for most of last season until the giants re-signed him right before the game versus the Green Bay Packers in December. Blackburn had an immediate impact in that game with four tackles and an interception. Blackburn played a huge role in the playoffs as well. Against Green Bay in the divisional round, he had three tackles and a fumble recovery that helped set up a Giants score. In the Super Bowl, he out leaped a hobbled Rob Gronkowski to intercept Tom Brady.


Blackburn is a pros pro. He knows the system and knows how to win and is someone who can help mentor the young linebackers the Giants already have. He came in and stabilized the middle of the Giants defense and with the team getting healthier as a whole, helped lead the Giants to the championship.


The Giants have a lot of competition for linebacker, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they used a draft pick on a linebacker. Their depth can put Matthias Kiwanuka in more of a hybrid linebacker/defensive end role which may suit him better than being a full-time linebacker.

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