Video: Tennessee Titans Pick Guest Announcer to Reveal Fourth Round Pick at 2012 NFL Draft

By Stephanie Umek


The Tennessee Titans hosted a competition over the last month or so for Titans fans up upload videos onto YouTube for a chance to win a trip to Radio City Music Hall in New York to call out the fourth round pick for the team.

The winner of the contest is Josh Curd, voting was decided on by other fans and members of the Titans franchise. Curd’s video, “Titans Wedding” was popular among the thousands that were submitted. The idea behind the video was the crying he did at the alter was not in fact him crying because he was so happy to finally be marrying the love of his life, but rather because he was missing the fourth quarter of a Titans football game.

These contests are fun ways for many football fans to get involved with the league and the teams. They also provide a lot of room for creative thinking and show the support that fans give on a daily basis. The NFL draft starts next Thursday April 26 at 8 p.m. ET with round number one. Friday April 27 at 7 p.m. ET will be host to the second and thirds rounds while Saturday April 27 will have rounds four through seven starting at noon ET.

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