David DeCastro Visit Makes Dallas Cowboys' 1st-Round Draft Pick Foggy

By Jeric Griffin

Stanford guard David Decastro’s originally scheduled visit to Valley Ranch was cancelled due to the tornadoes that plagued the Dallas-Fort Worth area the first week of April. However, the Dallas Cowboys were still able to bring in the All-American offensive lineman for a visit this week. The possibility of Dallas taking DeCastro with the No. 14 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft makes the task of gauging America’s team very difficult.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said in mid-March that his team is “targeting” a pass-rusher in the first round of this year’s draft, but then went back on that statement in early April by saying Dallas might not take such a player because the Cowboys are “high on Victor Butler.” Jones basically admitted he wasn’t sure what approach he wanted to take with the No. 14 overall pick, so naturally neither does anybody else.

DeCastro is considered by many to be one of the top offensive lineman prospects in this year’s draft. The only player clearly better is USC’s Matt Kalil. While DeCastro would definitely be a safe pick at No. 14, the Cowboys have much bigger holes to fill.

But who knows which position Jones will actually target come draft day? His comments on Butler make absolutely no sense considering the Cowboys used the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer just days before Jones made them, yet they make sense because Butler is more than capable of handling the starting strong outside linebacker spot. Still, either Jones is having mental whiplash or one of his sets of comments is a smokescreen. The question is: which one?

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