Thoughts on the Buffalo Bills 2012 Schedule: Divisional Games

By Jeff Sattora

Earlier this week the NFL announced the 2012 master schedule, including the Buffalo Bills 2012 schedule of games.  The Bills have a promising schedule going ahead looking at their non-divisional opponents, something that changes every year.  One thing that doesn’t change each year is having two games against each divisional opponent, which for the Bills are the New England Patriots, the New York Jets, and the Miami Dolphins.

Here is a breakdown of when the Bills play each team and my thought on the games.

New England Patriots

Week 4- vs. New England, Week 10- @ New England

This could be a big plus for the Bills looking at when they play the Patriots this upcoming season, especially in week four.  Playing the Patriots in week four will hopefully give the Bills a chance to get their new changes together this season.  While the Bills offense this coming season will have many of the same players and schemes (as of now) that last year’s group had, the defense is a whole other story.

That defense, which will be switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3, as well as implementing two top defensive ends in Mario Williams and Mark Anderson.  Buffalo will need all the time and practice they can get to get ready for that high-powered Patriots offense.

New York Jets

Week 1- @ New York, Week 17 vs. New York

These two games could end up making or breaking the Bills season looking ahead.  Buffalo will not only get the first shot at Tim Tebow in New York , they will also get a shot to end the season at home against the same Jets squad.  Thatt last game I think could end up deciding a wildcard berth in the AFC, and being at home I think the Bills have a huge advantage.

Miami Dolphins

Week 11 @ Miami, Week 16 vs. Miami

Looking ahead as a Bills fan I feel like these SHOULD be two wins, no matter when and where they play.  Although games against the Dolphins should never be givens because of the rivalry aspect,  looking at this Miami offense and the rest of their team I think they are wins that the Bills should come away with.

As I look ahead at the divisional games for the Bills, I feel like they should go at least 4-2 in those games.

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