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Why You Should Know Who Greg Cosell Is

Some of my older readers might be familiar with Greg Cosell‘s uncle Howard, the late sportscaster; but most of the people that know about the NFL Films producer are writers/football on-air talent, which isn’t that big of a group. Greg Cosell’s name is an important one in the football entertainment industry and fans should know about this expert.

Whether it’s draft writer Sigmund Bloom, of Football Guys and the New York Times, or NFL writer Doug Farrar, of Yahoo Sports, almost everyone influential in the football world will stop and listen to/read what Cosell has to say regarding the NFL Draft or football in general. Cosell has worked for NFL Films, directly under current President Steve Sabol, since 1979 and for almost three decades has produced the popular ESPN show now known as “NFL Matchup”, that is hosted by broadcaster Chris Berman.

In an article by Andy Benoit, writer/commentator Peter King was quoted as saying the following regarding Cosell, “I always respected his opinion because you could tell he watches every game. He watches all the players. And it isn’t about who has the best stats, it’s about the best players.” It’s well known, amongst football writers, that former NFL players and current NFL coaches respect Cosell, and often seek his advice.

Josh Norris, of Rotoworld, has started a petition to get Cosell on television, after the producer publicly tweeted that no network had hired him to work on-air during this year’s NFL Draft. Norris had this to say about Cosell, “[Cosell has] no agenda. He understands putting players in roles they succeed in. Incredibly knowledgeable about which teams run which…scheme and how a player might fit in their arsenal. That’s a unique point of view, in a media world where everything…is generalized, he points out specifics.”

Based on what I’ve heard, when I have listened to Cosell speak, the producer seems like a knowledgeable expert who uses a more honest and humble tone than other analysts regarding the NFL Draft, such as Mel Kiper and Todd McShay of ESPN. He doesn’t tell listeners/readers that what he is saying is an absolute or a guarantee. What he does say is that he’s offering an opinion, one that is based on decades of watching football at an in-depth level.

Cosell doesn’t try to tell people when someone might be drafted, and he certainly doesn’t judge players based on their “character”. His main source is the filmed games of each player and he doesn’t let the opinion of others cloud his judgement. This approach makes him that much more important of a source.

It’s amazing to me how many football fans across this country have no idea who Greg Cosell is, and I wrote this article to correct that problem as much as I possibly could. I hope all of my readers click on the link to Norris’ petition, to get Cosell on television, and sign it. That way for once we have an expert on television that all football fans can trust and respect.

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