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Tampa Bay Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik Gave No Hints

On Thursday afternoon, both head coach Greg Schiano and general manager Mark Dominik spoke to the media about the mini-camp, the draft, and various other things. While answering most of the questions, neither Schiano nor Dominik gave any real hints as to what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers plan to do in next week’s draft.

However, Dominik did say that he and coach Schiano will both be involved in the process of selecting players, along with director of player personnel, Dennis Hickey. According to Dominik, nothing is set in stone, and the Bucs are still open to the possibility of trading down. Interestingly enough, he gave the number 22 spot (Cleveland Browns’ second-pick) as a specific example. Take that with a grain of salt, but it is an interesting note, nonetheless.

When asked about the Wonderlic, Dominik stated that it is a “piece of the puzzle.” But he also mentioned that you have to make sure “you get an accurate understanding of where the Wonderlic is scored and how it correlates to any individual player.” Drawing from this, we can assume that Mark Dominik sees the results as semi-important when evaluating a player, but certain factors such as the position of a player affect how he views the scores.

Another interesting note was that when asked about mock drafts, and whether or not Dominik looks at them, he replied, “Yes. You will look at some just to kind of see, because in a way you can challenge your mind to say if that all happens who do I take?” Keep in mind that any general manager won’t make mock draft a big part of their process, but they will look at them to keep things in perspective.

Dominik was asked about the qualities that Morris Claiborne has, but he merely stated that he is “not going to get into individual analysis of football players.” Clearly, the Bucs didn’t want to help out other teams, so most of the answers about individual players were vague, as Dominik wasn’t trying to “pigeon-hole” the team.

So, Thursday’s press conference didn’t give any indication as to who the Bucs are leaning towards, but it will be interesting to see if the Bucs trade down to number 19, or even number 22, the example that Dominik gave.

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