Thoughts on the Buffalo Bills 2012 Schedule: Non Division Opponents (Weeks 9-17)

By Jeff Sattora

Earlier this week I analyzed the Buffalo Bills division schedule, as well as the first half of their non-division schedule, now I’ll break down the rest.  This will look at non-division games weeks 9-17 (after the Bills bye week eight).

The Bills have five non-division games in this stretch.

Week 9 @Houston

This could be a big game for the Bills in a few aspects.  Not only is it the return of former Texans star Mario Williams to his home field, but the game is coming off a bye and against one of the early favorites in the AFC title race.  As much as I want to give the Bills a win here, due to the game being in Houston and the thoughts of how good Houston can be, this has to be marked as a loss.

Week 12 @ Indianapolis

This should be an easy win for Buffalo.  The Colts, like a few other teams on this list, are going through major transitions.  With a rookie quarterback in Andrew Luck, and the lack of skill players around him this could be a big win.

Week 13 vs Jacksonville

Game is at home and Jacksonville is bad, easy win here.

Week 14 vs Saint Louis

Another team in transition with a young quarterback.  While the Rams could be on the rise, and should provide a tougher opponent than the last two Bills games above, this should be a win.  The Bills are the better team here.

Week 15 vs. Seattle

This is the final non-division game for Buffalo and could be an interesting one.  While the Seahawks made the playoffs two years ago, they did fall off last year and have brought in a new quarterback to run the team.  While that QB, Matt Flynn, will be adjusted to Seattle by this point in the year, I still will mark this down as a win.

Much like the first half of the non-division schedule for Buffalo, this is also very winnable.  I have the Bills at a strong 4-1 in this stretch.  If you’re scoring at home and have read all three posts, that makes my Bills early prediction at a 12-4 record, something we have not seen in Buffalo in a long time.

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