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The Chicago Bears Should Make a Play For Mike Wallace

It looks like the Chicago Bears finally care about their offense. The trade for Brandon Marshall was insanely important for a quarterback like Jay Cutler as it finally gave him that big target wide receiver the Bears have lacked for years. However, the Bears shouldn’t be satisfied with the signing of Michael Bush or the trade for Marshall. They should go out and get another wide receiver that will make the team even more dangerous. Yeah, I’m talking about Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wallace has yet to sign the major contract extension he’s looking for, and it would cost a team a first round pick to try and sign him. Well, I’ve been all about the Bears drafting Michael Floyd this year, but I highly doubt he falls to the Bears. So if the Bears made a move on Mike Wallace, that would cost them a first round pick, and whomever they take in that spot likely won’t be as good as Mike Wallace anyway.

Wallace would give the Bears a dangerous deep threat for Cutler, and would immediately make the offense one of the best in football. Brandon Marshall isn’t a serious deep threat, and is able to go across the middle for tough yards. Wallace brings the explosiveness on the outside that pairs well with a guy like Marshall. It also shifts Earl Bennett to the slot- where he’s at his best, and Devin Hester/Johnny Knox as a 4th and 5th WR. The run game will continue to be good, and the Bears all of a sudden have a high powered offense.

I do doubt the Bears will draft offense in the first round, as every report and 2012 Mock Draft is saying defensive end to help out Julius Peppers, but you can’t blame me for wanting to put up more points. With all that being said, I have high hopes for the Bears in 2012, no matter what they decide to do.