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Video: Cam Newton Challenges Megatron to Madden Grudge Match

This year’s Madden cover athlete is down to the final round of fan voting, and it will either be Cam Newton or Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Cam recently released a video and starts the video by calling himself about 12 different nicknames, and then thanks his fans for voting him to the finals.

Cam Newton then challenges Megatron a one-on-one game of Madden on the system of his choice, and that they could live-stream the event online.

“My first challenge goes out to you, Mr. Megatron, Calvin Johnson,” Newton said in a video posted on YouTube. “If you are who you say you are, and you want to be Mr. ‘Madden 13′, can you play ‘Madden’? My challenge is to you. I would be willing to webcam, video stream, us playing a one-on-one game of Madden in Xbox, PlayStation 3, Atari, GameCube, PSP, PS Vita. It doesn’t matter. We can even go to Sega. It really doesn’t matter, ’cause this is what I do.”

Newton then proceeds to challenge any of his fans to challenge him online, and goes over to a poster with both his XBOX and PS2 gamer-handle on it. It definitely would be interesting to see how Newton’s skills with the sticks match his skills on the field.

Newton shows no lack of confidence either out on the field or about his Madden skills. He had been relatively quiet about his Madden campaign until he got to the final round, but it will be interesting to see if Megatron accepts the challenge or just lets the fans decide his fate. Should Megatron accept?