Cam Newton to be Featured in New Gatorade Campaign Tonight

By Dave Daniels

The new Gatorade spot that will air tonight begins with various shots of unhealthy fast-foods, vending machine food, and fried food. It states at the beginning that “your first move doesn’t happen on the field.”

Cam Newton is then seen eating Gatorade energy chews, and leading his team onto the field to the cheers of fans.

Newton has done well for himself with advertising campaigns this off-season. His Under Armour ad-campaign had a thrilling drumming baseline underneath it, and he is the first athlete Under Armour has ever done an exclusive ad-campaign on.

Cam Newton is only the third NFL player(joining Peyton and Eli Manning) sponsored by Gatorade. He had these comments after becoming only the 3rd NFL player to join the Gatorade team.

“Working with Gatorade fulfills a childhood dream of mine, I have used Gatorade since I started playing football and Gatorade products have been an important part of my training and competition regimen for as long as I can remember. As I look to improve my game, what I put in my body is extremely important. Gatorade provides me the opportunity to work with the world’s leading scientists who can help me gain a competitive edge and play at my best.”

Newton has also apparently made nutrition an area of focus this off-season, and it will be interesting to see if it has an effect on the field. Newton said, “nutrition is something that I’ve been trying to focus on this off-season. Having better nutrition than I have had in years before. With the way I’m looking right now, I have been making progress.”

I always enjoy Gatorade spots, from the one where the athletes sweat is the same color as Gatorade, to their old spot which featured old Michael Jordan playing younger Michael Jordan in a pick-up basketball game. (“You reach, I teach”)

Newton probably helped his advertising worth last year when he threw for more yards than any rookie quarterback ever and more rushing touchdowns than any quarterback in NFL history. It will definitely be intriguing to see the types of commercials that feature him in the future, and hopefully they will all show him in as good a light as the Gatorade and Under Armor spots have.

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