Philadelphia Eagles 2012 NFL Draft Prospect: Notre Dame Wide Receiver Michael Floyd

By Bryn Swartz

Wide receiver has been generally regarded as a position of strength for the Philadelphia Eagles, especially in recent years. But the more I think about the Eagles’ wide receivers, the more I am convinced that this team needs another target at wide receiver.

DeSean Jackson is one of the most explosive wide receivers in the NFL but he is extremely one-dimensional and every season he has a few games with one or two catches. I don’t think he’ll ever again be as much of a headache as he was in 2011 but even at his best, he’s not even close to the league’s best receiver, like he thinks.

Jeremy Maclin suffered through a disappointing 2011 season, in which he was hampered by injuries, and also recovering from a lymphoma scare that prevented him from playing throughout much of training camp. He’s a good number two receiver but he had a couple of costly plays late in games this season.

Jason Avant is a good slot receiver, although he’s probably not as good as the Eagles think he is. He is good for 50 catches and a couple of touchdowns each year, and although he is good for his role, he will probably never get much better.

After Jackson, Maclin, and Avant, I don’t have much confidence in Riley Cooper or Chad Hall. I don’t expect the Eagles to sign Plaxico Burress this offseason, even though he really wants to come to Philadelphia.

However, I do think the Eagles could really benefit from drafting a wide receiver, even if it came in the first round. Michael Vick could always use another playmaker, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a big, strong receiver to compete against newly signed Brandon Carr of the Dallas Cowboys.

I think Notre Dame’s Michael Floyd would be a perfect fit for the 2012 Philadelphia Eagles.

Floyd, 22, stands 6’2.5 and weighs 220 pounds. He is fast (4.47), explosive, and strong.

He had a fractured clavicle during his sophomore season and a drunken driving citation in March of 2011. Injury concerns shouldn’t really be an issue, but character issues definitely have to come into question, at least a little.

Then again, you’re looking at an Eagles team that signed Michael Vick out of prison. I don’t think Floyd’s drunken driving charge will stop him from getting drafted.

Many experts have the Eagles picking a defensive player in the first round of the draft. But I’m not sure if the Eagles need another defensive end or defensive tackle. I would be absolutely fine with a wide receiver.

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