Several Possibilities for St. Louis Rams with the Sixth Selection in the NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft looming just a few days away, there is plenty of misdirection in the air around every team’s potential picks. For the St. Louis Rams, the smokescreens are thicker than most as the team has been reported to be linked with defensive tackle Fletcher Cox in recent days while the club also worked out both wide receivers Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd last week.

While workouts at this point in the proceedings are sometimes more for show than they are for substance, the idea of the Rams selecting a receiver with the sixth overall pick is still a perfectly reasonable one. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reported that the Rams are “zeroing in” on a receiver to select with the sixth choice. He also acknowledges that is running back Trent Richardson is still on the board when the Rams pick, that could complicate matters.

One thing that seems certain is that the Rams are perfectly happy to have the media and all 31 other teams guessing as to which direction they may go in. From defense to offense, the only certainty with the club appears to be that they are just as unsettled as many teams at this point in time.

It would be hard to imagine the Rams passing on Richardson should he somehow slip to the sixth slot. Even though Steven Jackson has been ultra-productive and still appears to have some tread left on his tires, running a two-horse stable in the backfield is almost mandatory these days in the NFL.

Given the flux and general ambiguity surrounding the Rams number six pick, odds are that the team still has another curveball up its sleeve heading into Thursday evening. It remains highly likely that Blackmon, Floyd, Richardson, or Cox will be the pick when the Rams are on the clock, but even that can’t be pinned down as definite.

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