Chargers Would Be Fortunate to Get Barron

By Shane Anderson

Coming out of Alabama, a college team that year in and year out dominates the collegiate ranks, namely with its powerful defense, is a big plus when rating strong safety Mark Barron.  A physical specimen standing at 6-1” while weighing in at 213 running a 4.5 40, Barron has the prototypical tools for a strong safety in today’s National Football League.

Barron is not the same ball hawk type player that the Chargers already have in Eric Weddle (Free Safety), but is more of the enforcer and would help immensely in improving the Bolts’ defense, namely on third downs (a league worst in 2011).  While San Diego attempted to solve the problem at strong safety a year ago by picking up Bob Sanders, that experiment didn’t make it past the first couple of games of the season.  On the roster you will currently find recently acquired Atari Bigby, a veteran who can give support but will soon be 31 years old and his play has been streaky the last couple seasons.  Also, 3rd year man out of Kansas Darrell Stuckey hopes to have a chance to show he can fill the void in the secondary.  These two players would be adequate at the safety spot, but wouldn’t provide the spark that the Chargers so desperately need for their defense.

While the Chargers have the 18th pick in the first round, the Cowboys currently sit at no. 14 in the first round,  and appear to be a strong to land Barron.  If the Chargers’ AJ Smith really wants to better his team immediately in the first round, he should trade up to 13 to nab the former Crimson Tide, automatically upgrading the Chargers defense.  And think about it, Eric Weddle with Mark Barron along side, can you think of a better safety duo in the NFL?

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