Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan Makes Meeting Spouses Part of Recruiting Process

Shahid Khan is entering his first full season as owner for the Jacksonville Jaguars and looks to help the team bounce back from a disappointing 2011 campaign in which they finished with a 5-11 record–despite Maurice Jones-Drew leading the league in rushing yards. While there are sure to be numerous changes with a new owner on board for the 2012 season, nothing may be more interesting than Khan’s approach for recruiting players.

According to Tom Weir of USA Today, Khan goes the extra mile to meet prospects’ spouses to get a better idea of what their home environment is like. Apparently, Khan has established a reputation for doing this procedure with his auto-parts manufacturing business and now–he’s looking to take the same approach as the new owner for the Jags.

From Weir’s article:

Under new owner Shahid Khan, the Jaguars are making a point of meeting prospects’ spouses, to get insight into whether the player has a stable home environment.

The Wall Street Journal reports that such checks have been a staple of Khan’s recruiting for his auto-parts manufacturing empire, and that new Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey has bought into the philosophy.

“If you’re happy at home with your wife at home, I think the energy level is higher,” Mularkey told the Journal. “There’s a lot that goes with being married. I just believe the happier you are with your wife, the happier you are on the field. I really believe that.”

Obviously, this must be a very successful approach considering how much money Kahn has made in his lifetime–so why we wouldn’t he take the same approach with a team like the Jaguars?

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