Minnesota Vikings Sign Suspended WR Jerome Simpson; Worth the Risk

By Andrew Fisher

The Minnesota Vikings made an interesting signing on Tuesday, when they acquired free agent WR Jerome Simpson.

You probably know Simpson for his amazing flip into the end zone this past season, but the Vikings know him as a young playmaker, who presents them with low risk, and a potentially high reward, at wide receiver.

Of course there is a catch… According to the report from the Pioneer Press, “Simpson reportedly will be suspended by the NFL for three games in light of a 15-day jail sentence and three years probation after two pounds of marijuana were shipped to his home in northern Kentucky last September.”

This incident did little to scare off Vikings GM Rick Spielman:

“If we didn’t feel comfortable enough with all the information that we have gathered, we probably wouldn’t have had him in on a visit,” Spielman said. “We had very direct conversations and felt very strongly that Jerome Simpson … did he make a mistake? No one is going to say he didn’t make a mistake. But I also think he has a chance to be one of those success stories as well.”

I’m in total agreeance with Spielman on this one. Why not take a chance on a 26 year old, who caught 50 passes for 725 yards, while only making a $555,000 base salary in 2012?

We’ve all seen the flip, Simpson clearly has the ability to make big plays. He’s a good signing for the Vikings, and if it doesn’t work out, no big deal.

You can’t count on guys like this. If they produce, it’s just a bonus. Players like Simpson are a shot in the dark, but they have potential for a great redemption story. Everybody deserves a second chance, and I hope Jerome Simpson makes the best of his this season.

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