Rumors Make Miami Dolphins Draft Intentions Hazy

By Jeff Everette

There has been a lot of speculation lately about which direction the Miami Dolphins will go on Thursday when they  make the 8th selection in this years NFL Draft.

As Rant Sports columnist, Max Luckan reported yesterday on the Rant Sport Redzone Talk, a report had come from Pro Football Talk contributor, Mike Florio that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was pressuring team General Manager Jeff Ireland into taking Ryan Tannehill with their first pick.

This story was refuted by Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero who said that a top official within the organization had told him that was not the case.

Florio’s story was then backed up by Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, making it hard not to believe.  Peter King and Mike Florio are to well respected journalists, and neither one would report something if they did not feel it was true.

Then Jeff Ireland called into PTF, where the story originated, and emphatically denied that this was the case.  Ireland stated that Ross would be in the room as they made their selections, but that the personel choices would be left up to him and first year head coach Joe Philbin.

Whichever story you choose to believe, it is worth keeping in mind that this is draft week.  Anything could be said to get a certain reaction, or to help muddy the waters of the Dolphins intent.

Stephen Ross has made it very clear that he leaves matters pertaining to football and personell to the people he hired to handle such things.  At a time when Ross is doing all he can to hold his GM up under the public scrutiny, it makes little sense for him to try to force Ireland to chose a player that the GM isn’t sold on, if he isn’t sold on him.

On the other hand, the Dolphins have been taking a lot of heat this offseason, and Ross may want to do some damage control by drafting the quarterback that is being touted as the best left on the board.  It has been a rough off season and the owner may just want to have some good publicity for a change.

The problem with this is that everyone seems to be split on Tannehil.  From the fans, to the draft analysts, no one seems to agree on whether the young QB is a franchise quarterback worthy of the 8th pick, or if he has just been forced up the draft boards due to team needs and media hype.

One thing is for certain; there is only 2 days left before the Dolphins makes their pick.  Then we will have something new to argue.


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