Should the Buffalo Bills Keep the Tenth Pick in the NFL Draft?

With the 2012 NFL Draft fast approaching one of the biggest things that fans talk about is draft position.  Being more specific, fans will talk about whether or not their team should trade up, keep their assigned draft pick, or trade down.

This week, as we lead up to the draft Thursday night on ESPN, I will be breaking down whether or not the Buffalo Bills should keep their pick, trade up, or trade down.

The first post I will do this week will discuss the team keeping their 10th overall pick.

Looking ahead, this seems like the most likely scenario, not only because of the team’s history (more often than not they seem to not make big draft day trades) but also because of some of the players that may be on the board.

As the NFL draft unfolds there are a few key targets that the team could be looking at with this pick, most likely offensive tackle, (with Riley Reiff or Cordy Glenn), or receiver, with Michael Floyd.

It seems most likely as of right now that all three of these players should be available with the tenth pick.  Because of that fact, if the Bills like these guys, it would be wise to just sit in this spot and pick one of them.

Looking at the offensive tackles, they could both be solid additions to the offensive line, while Floyd could possibly be a great compliment to number one receiver Stevie Johnson.

While trading up can often be tough because you have to give up more picks, and trading down can be risky if the guy you want isn’t there anymore, staying with your pick is often the right way to go.

Make sure to check back in this week for why the Bills may want to move up or back in the draft.

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