Tennessee Titans Off Season Program Interviews with Jake Locker, Chris Johnson and Kamerion Wimbley

By Stephanie Umek

The Tennessee Titans media got a chance to catch up with some important Titans yesterday afternoon. They have just started their off season program to move forward onto what they hope will be at very least a play-off season. Jake Locker, Chris Johnson, and Kamerion Wimbley were all available at the first off season routine day and graciously spoke with the media about plans for the upcoming season as well as some things they did over the winter.

Jake Locker is ready to compete for the starting quarterback position and with all the off season Peyton Manning drama over, he can focus on that goal just like last year. He doesn’t know whether or not if he will be starting but he knows what he is up against. He told Titansonline.com, “Matt and I have a great relationship. I do my best to support him if he’s in the game I know he would do the same for me. In the end of the day we want this team to have success.”

Last year with the lock out Locker and the Titans got the play book in July last year, went right into camp and then the season started. Locker hopes that the offense will be “Natural and a little more comfortable this year.”  With the very minimal time that Locker spent on the field for the Titans in the 2011 season, he still had enough impact to be able to fight for that starting position. It’s a big move for someone who was just drafted last year as one of the not-so-well-known quarterbacks of the draft.

Chris Johnson is coming off what a lot of people are calling his worse season of his career. He recognizes that and though he didn’t come outright and say it, he responded to reporters by saying, “I like to get better every year, and I didn’t get better last year. There were a lot of things that go into it but I’m not going to make excuses. I started working out early [this year] I want to be better than I was last year.”

When he was asked about goals for the season he stated “Get on the same page with the coaches.” and “Hopefully trying to get a running game going.”

Kamerion Wimbley just recently signed with the Titans and he is excited to be in Nashville. “I found a place,” he told Titanonline.com “I won’t disclose that to the media but my wife came up a week or so ago and found a spot, it’s really about what she wants.”

He likes the players and the coaches of the Titans organization. He appreciated the fact that they knew what they wanted him to do and they were very straight forward from day one. Not to mention the fact that some of his teammate, he has already played with on other teams.

“I’m looking forward to playing defensive end, that’s what I played in college, to be able to go back and get after the passer is something that I enjoy.”

Right now he is trying to become familiar with the building and met up with the coaches. He was able to get a good workout in yesterday and that’s a good sign that he is comfortable where he is at.

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