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VIDEO: Girl Wants To Be Mrs. Irrelevant Of 2012 NFL Draft

There are some weird people out there and this video pretty much shows that.  Brianne, a chick in New York City, loves the NFL Draft.  She loves it so much, that her favorite player is Mr. Irrelevant.  For those of you in the dark on that, that would be the last person picked in the draft.  Brianne loves that person so much that she is willing to be Mrs. Irrelevant for a night.

I mean, this has to be fake, right?  I know for a fact that it has to be.  Either that or this girl is just a little bit out there.  Who basically gives themselves up online to the last pick in the draft?  It is absolute madness, I tell you.  Maybe her proposal will work, but who knows?  Maybe she talks a big game but won’t actually follow through with her plan of being Mrs. Irrelvant.

So you guys that might be the last pick in the draft might want to pay attention to this video.  It really does not get much easier than this.  She is basically throwing herself at you.  If you have the skills to be drafted, but not any sooner than the last pick, she is perfect for you.

Mrs. Irrelevant might be the new title of groupies who want some NFL players.  What better way to make inroads with players?  Mr. Irrelevant already gets some cool stuff, you might as well add to it.

Thanks to Bar Stool Sports for the video.