2012 NFL Draft: New York Jets Interested in Trading Up to Select Trent Richardson?

By Dan Parzych

After finishing with an 8-8 record last season, the New York Jets enter the 2012 NFL Draft on Thursday with the 16th overall pick and have a few different options when it comes to which player to select in the first round. However, a recent meeting with Trent Richardson has drawn speculation as to whether or not the Jets are planning on moving up Thursday night to acquire the star Alabama running back.

Richardson told Rich Cimini of ESPN New York on Wednesday how the Jets contacted him shortly after his arrival to New York for Thursday’s draft. While it may seem like a long shot considering what the team would be forced to give up, Cimini’s sources claim New York is at least keeping the idea open–which could make for an interesting first round.

From Cimini’s article:

“They wanted to know my information as far as whether that’s the right number to reach me in case something does happen, with them trading up,” he said Wednesday at an NFL community event in Manhattan.

It’s common for a team to call potential picks a few days before the draft, but it’s unusual to contact a player seemingly out of reach.

The Jets, picking 16th in the first round, are exploring the possibility of moving up for Richardson, according to league sources. But it’s a long shot, considering they’d probably have to jump 11 or 12 spots.

As the top running back in this year’s draft class, numerous teams have expressed interest in landing Richardson in the first round if available and if the Jets would most likely need to trade up to at least the first five picks considering the Cleveland Browns may snag him at No. 4. New York could certainly use some major help in the running back department after ranking 22nd overall in 2011 and a player with the talent Richardson possesses could certainly make his way into the starting role from the start if given the opportunity.

In other words–how serious are the Jets about drafting Richardson and at what cost?

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