2012 NFL Draft: Top Analysts Have Vikings Drafting CB Morris Claiborne

By Andrew Fisher

All off-season, it’s just seemed too obvious that the Minnesota Vikings would take OL Matt Kalil with the third pick in tomorrow’s NFL Draft. I kept waiting for something different to pop up on the internet, but nearly everyone (except me), was taking Kalil in their mock drafts.

So today, I’m doing my daily sports news check, and wouldn’t you know it, Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay now have the Vikings taking CB Morris Claiborne with the No. 3 pick.

Now is Claiborne to the Vikings really a huge shocker? Not at all.

GM Rick Spielman has indicated the team would have no problem taking Claiborne. Spielman has also maintained the franchise is completely open to trading the third pick, if a good opportunity presents itself.

It would be feasible for Minnesota to trade down a few spots, acquire another pick, and still get Claiborne. If Spielman wants a win, win, this would be it.

At this point, WR Justin Blackmon seems to be a long shot at No. 3, but never say never. In the scenario above, if Claiborne is not available in the Vikings new spot, Blackmon would have to be the man to take.

I’m 100% behind trading the pick, as long as the team gets at least another 3rd round selection, and is guaranteed Claiborne, Kalil, or Blackmon. If this can be done, it will give the team the most value.

With only 24 hours to go until draft time, who knows what other rumors could pop up? I can’t wait to see who Minnesota takes and No. 3, so everyone can stop speculating, and the team can start planning for the future.

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