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Amid Controversy And Scandals New Orleans Saints Continue To Make Moves; Re-Sign Kicker John Kasay To 1-Year Deal

The New Orleans Saints have re-signed kicker John Kasay to a one-year deal. This news comes the same day it was announced that Saints’ general manager, Mickey Loomis, allegedly used wire taps to hear opposing coaches’ strategies in their locker rooms. The allegations have put the Saints in the spotlight for yet another scandal. However, despite all of the controversy surrounding the latest scandal the Saints continue to make moves and the signing of Kasay is one silver lining in the past 2 days.

Kasay has been one of the best kickers in the NFL and he has a 21-year resume to prove it. During his time in the NFL Kasay has totaled 1,970 points, converted 98.2% of his extra points, and has converted 81.9% of his field goals. According to Kasay ranks 6th all time in field goals made with 461, 8th all time in points scored with 1,970, and 9th all time in total games played with 301. Kasay has had a very accomplished career and when he was with the Carolina Panthers from 1995-2010 he left as the franchise’s all-time leading scorer with 1,482 points. Furthermore, Kasay was one of the many Saints’ players to set franchise records last year; he set the Saints’ single season franchise records of 147 points and 63 extra points.

Kasay is without a doubt one of the greatest kickers to ever play in the NFL and he is just another weapon that the Saints will have going into next season. It is refreshing to see the Saints not get too distracted by all of the controversy surrounding them as they continue to solidify their roster.