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New York Jets’ WR Jeremy Kerley Says Tim Tebow Throws Harder than Mark Sanchez

Today’s installment of New York Jets quarterback drama is brought to you by wide receiver Jeremy Kerley. When the Star-Ledger asked Kerley how the newly acquired Tim Tebow throws the ball, Kerley had this to say:

“Different than Mark, different than Mark. (Tebow’s) ball comes out a little bit stronger, but he’s accurate, he’s more accurate than what I thought he was going to be. But he’s a good dude, he has a great personality, he’ll bring a lot of personality to the team.”

Kerley was then asked how hard the ball was thrown. This was his response to Tim Tebow’s velocity:

“A LOT, a lot more velocity. No dis to Mark, he brings it, man.”

In closing, Kerley had this to say about his new teammate:

“It was a good shocked. We got a winner on our team. Obviously, that’s what he is. I was shocked but I was happy.”

The plot thickens.

Since it’s not really a  “dis” to Mark Sanchez, I guess it’s okay to say. Wait, it’s not cool at all, because this is just another wrench thrown into the whole operation. The drama of this thing is already at a high now, just wait until the season starts. Careers will be made covering the New York Jets this season. Any amount of gossip or dirt will be published and re-published by papers, blogs, websites, etc. I almost feel bad for Mark Sanchez, but since he’s a bit of a prima donna, and gets way more tail than any of us can dream of, I don’t feel sorry for him at the end of the day.

As I wrote last week, the New York Jets are better off starting Tim Tebow now – let him fail which he will undoubtedly do against the Jets’ tough schedule – and Mark Sanchez can come save the day against the Indianapolis Colts. The preemptive quarterback switch I called it, similar to the preemptive break-up we saw George Costanza do in Seinfeld.