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Washington Redskins Draft Party Ideas

Thursday Night,  Washington Redskins Fans will celebrate the arrival of their newest addition to the Redskins Nation: Robert Griffin III.

According to the Redskins’ press release, “Fans are invited to watch the Redskins select their first round draft pick on Thursday, April 26 at the Draft Day Watch Party on the Club level of FedExField from 6-11 p.m. Admission and parking is free. Fans will be admitted through the Comcast SportsNet Gate (Gate H) starting at 6 p.m.”

With that in mind, I’ve been searching the Internet for some of the best Draft Party Ideas that you can use to make this weekend one to remember. Let’s face it-Not all of us can make it to the party, so we might as well throw one at our house right? Of course.

Valerie David from the Yahoo! Contributor Network had a few that I thought were great. Out of her “10 Tips for Planning an NFL Draft Party”, I chose 3 and 5:

3. “It’s Like a Regular Sports Bar in Here. Keep a TV or radio broadcast of the NFL draft on in each room of the party so no one misses a thing. (You can even stash a small radio in the bathroom.) Turn your computers on and ask your friends to bring their laptops, so draft watchers can do searches on candidates or picks they don’t recognize.

5. Football Aficionados and Good Guessers Compete. Print up game cards with the teams for the first round, and have guests guess the draft picks for each one. Give prizes for the most correct guesses. The worst guesser gets a prize too, but keep that contest secret or someone will be sure to throw the game. Keep master lists of eligible candidates handy for your NFL draft party guests to consult (or randomly pick from); you can check sites like CBS Sports for the full roster.

I think these are excellent party ideas because you may not know the lineman or safety being drafted in the later rounds. This way you can do the research, discuss, and keep the party going. Game cards I thought were also a genius idea. What I would recommend however is to make them like a bingo card.  The person that has the most positions drafted on their card at the end of the day wins.

If you’re looking for food ideas here’s one from Sports Glutton called, “Washington Redskins: Rotisserie Peruvian Chicken Recipe . This is a very nice, descriptive blog post that breaks down the process with pictures on how to cook this delicious chicken. I’ve had more than my share of Peruvian Chicken and I strongly reccomend you give it a try.

Another I came across is from The Hogs called, “Tailgate Recipe: Baby Back Ribs with Redskin Potato Salad.”  I figured I’d add this because there is always some kind of potato salad at a football party.   And for those who love their chili, I found a link to some Redskins Tailgate Chili, courtesy of

Otherwise, enjoy the rest of the week as the Redskins nation looks ahead to all the great changes.