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Why the Buffalo Bills Should Trade Up in the 2012 NFL Draft

With the 2012 NFL Draft fast approaching one of the biggest things that fans talk about is draft position.  Being more specific, fans will talk about whether or not their team should trade up, keep their assigned draft pick, or trade down.

This week, as we lead up to the draft Thursday night on ESPN, I will be breaking down whether or not the Buffalo Bills should keep their pick, trade up, or trade down.

In my first post this week I discussed why the Bills should keep their 10th pick on Thursday.  For this post I will be discussing why I think the Buffalo Bills should consider trading up from the 10th overall pick to something higher.

While there are some solid reasons that the Bills should keep their 10th pick, or even trade down, I feel like there are just as many reasons that they should try and move up.

Looking at some of their possibilities at that 10th spot, they include offensive lineman, wide receiver, or possibly another linebacker to bring youth that unit.

As Buffalo looks ahead on their draft boards Thursday night they may find that no player that they like or feel is worth the pick will still be available at 10.  With that said, it could be possible for them to want to trade up and grab a higher quality player, which I feel like could be a very smart move.

Sitting here today looking at the team’s schedule, I feel like they are a player or two away from being a strong playoff contender, and I believe they may be able to find that elite player at the top of this draft.

There is one main player I would love to see Buffalo trade up for, Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

While Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd could be a solid choice, I’m not sure is he is worth the trouble and character issues that he may be bringing to Western New York.  Blackmon on the other hand, is by all accounts not only a great person, but by far the best receiver in this draft.

Bringing in the top receiver in this draft to compliment an already strong NFL receiver in Stevie Johnson could be just the piece that Buffalo needs to get over the top.  As they struggled late in the year last year I feel like that was the spot they were missing.

While you would have to give away a few more picks, trading up for a top talent could be just the move this team needs.

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