2012 NFL Draft: History Proves That The New Orleans Saints Will Be Fine With Their 5 Picks

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The 2012 NFL Draft begins today but the New Orleans Saints won’t be picking until tomorrow. The Saints’ first pick will come in the third round and they only have a total of five picks this year. Some people think it will be a difficult draft for the New Orleans Saints but I would argue otherwise. The Saints only have five picks but I am confident that they will be able to draft quality players to fill out their roster. Even though the Saints had a tumultuous offseason they were plenty busy with their transactions.

The Saints have signed many quality players during the offseason and the draft will only give them another chance to draft some good players. Saints’ fans should not be too worried because the Saints have a history of drafting great players in the later rounds.

The Saints drafted Jimmy Graham, Carl Nicks, Jahri Evans, and Marques Colston in the third round or later. Nicks is no longer with the Saints but during his time with the Saints he developed into arguably the best offensive lineman in the league. Evans is still with the Saints and is one of the best linemen on an offensive line that is one of the best in the league; he was a fourth round selection back in 2006.

Furthermore, the Saints have Graham and Coslton that are key parts to their dynamic offense. Graham was a third rounder and in just two seasons is turning out to be one of the best tight ends in the NFL. Colston’s journey might be even more impressive since he was taken in the seventh round and has developed into one of the most consistent wide receivers in the NFL.

If you take a look at their draft history you can see that the Saints are a great judge of talent and often find “diamonds in the rough.” That is why I know the Saints will draft some good players in this year’s draft even with their limited picks. I know the Saints have done their homework and will probably come out with a few great steals in the draft. Saints’ fans should not be concerned with the draft or the upcoming season for that matter; the Saints are prepared and they have the players to make a good run this season.