Chicago Bears Draft Shea McClellin in the First Round...Is he Clay Matthews III?


I’ve been a huge critic of new Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery since day one. Tonight’s selection of Shea McClellin out of Boise State puts his stamp on how well he drafts in the NFL. Did the Chicago Bears draft another Clay Matthews III? From what I am reading, McClellin shares many of the same traits as Matthews III. As many of you know, I think Matthews III may be the most overrated player in football.

If you compare both players, they both stand at 6’3 and weigh in the 255-60 range. Both can be described as hard workers and not the most gifted athletes on the field. Matthews III does have some moments, but he is easily blocked and will take bad angles to the quarterback. While I must admit I haven’t seen a ton of Boise State football, I do know that McClellin was very productive. I do like productive college players. But I also like guys that play against top competition. While Boise State has been one of the college football’s better teams, they do not play a great schedule.

While McClellin is listed as an outside linebacker, many feel he will be best suited as a defensive end in the NFL especially in a 4/3 defense. If the Chicago Bears move to a 3/4 which will most likely never happen, perhaps he then could move back to a linebacker spot.

Most drafts take a few years to evaluate. In order for Emery to escape the shadow of Jerry Angelo, he better hope his first draft is a good one.

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