Megatron Edges out Cam Newton For Madden '13 Cover

By Dave Daniels

To the possible dismay or joy of Carolina Panther Fans depending on your belief in the “Madden Curse”, Cam Newton was edged out by Calvin Johnson to be this year’s cover boy.

Whittled down from a field of 64 players, with 20 million fans voting, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson will be on the cover of this year’s Madden ’13 game.

“I’m shocked,” Johnson said when the cover was revealed.

“I thought you guys loved me,” Newton pleaded to the crowd, shortly after congratulating Megatron for the victory. Detroit Lions fans will now hold their breath every time Megatron takes a hard hit this year, and here is hoping that no injury or statistical downfall happens to either Johnson or Newton. The Twin Cats as they were called by SportsNation announcers who made the announcement live from Times Square, eventually unveiled the cover showing Megatron making a catch and interviewed both athletes after the reveal.

Cam Newton last week made a youTube video challenging Megatron to battle in Madden and live webcast the game, and then delighted fans everywhere by issuing a challenge to his fans and showing his PS2 and XBoX gamer handle to the screen as well.

Newton and Johnson both had ProBowl years last year(amid recent news that there might not be a ProBowl next year), and they are both on teams that are looking to improve on decent showings last year by building on the draft this year. It should be an exciting year for both players, and an exciting year for all the gamers who get to see “Megatron” on the cover.

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