Minnesota Vikings Select OL Matt Kalil With 4th Pick in 2012 NFL Draft

By Andrew Fisher

The Minnesota Vikings have selected OL Matt Kalil with the fourth pick in today’s NFL Draft. The pick will end months of speculation on who the team would take.

GM Rick Spielman never came out and said the Vikings had one target, he always fully acknowledged that the team was going to take Justin Blackmon, Kalil, or Morris Claiborne.

Vikings reporter Bob Sansevere, was one of the few predicting against Matt Kalil,

“Based on public comments made by Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, as well as a conversation with him a few weeks ago, I don’t think he is employing subterfuge. I believe he is stuck on taking LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne.”

So the all important question is, why Kalil over Claiborne?

At the end of the day, Kalil is the safest pick for Minnesota. He is one of the key pieces a team needs to be successful, at left tackle. Not only will he add years to Christian Ponder’s career, he would also help Adrian Peterson continue to be productive for many more years.

Matt Kalil almost seemed too obvious by the end of this process, and I was almost shocked when they called his name. Overall, I like the pick. It fills a position need, and will improve the offense in every way.

The Vikings still got the guy they wanted, and picked up three more selections in the process. I’ve said along that no matter who Minnesota ended up taking, they would come out ahead. On day one of the draft, they did just that.

Much more draft analysis to come this weekend.

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