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No Shortage of Options for St. Louis Rams in NFL Draft

With draft day now upon us, the St. Louis Rams have a number of different plausible scenarios to choose from with the sixth overall pick.

*The team could stay put and draft the remaining player from the quartet of Trent Richardson, Morris Claiborne, Justin Blackmon, and Matt Kalil.

*General Manager Les Snead could throw a curveball and draft defensive tackle Fletcher Cox at six which would derail most if not all current draft projections.

*The Rams could trade down, accumulating even more picks and select a player that fits their needs even better or still possibly land Cox later on in round one.

Out of these possibilities, the one that appears the most likely right now is the trade down situation. GM Snead has already shown he has a New England Patriots’ style of team-building acquiring picks to use now or at a later date. Head Coach Jeff Fisher has reiterated that the team would be willing to listen to offers in moving down and it would only make sense that the potential target in a trade out scenario would be a defensive guy.

Fletcher Cox makes the most sense with the team still needing another defensive tackle to complete what figures to be an impressive defensive front in 2012. Still if the Rams moved down and missed on Cox, a player like Stephon Gilmore at cornerback would also fill an immediate need and improve the team dramatically on the defensive side of the football.

There’s no telling what the market for wide receivers will be either, but either Michael Floyd or Blackmon could still be available beyond the top ten picks. This would give the team the best of both worlds in adding a weapon for quarterback Sam Bradford while adding more picks in the process.

Clearly there is no shortage of options for the Rams at number six overall and that is always a good thing for organizations when it comes to the draft. Expect some fireworks and the Rams could be the team setting them off on Thursday evening.