Should the Buffalo Bills Trade Down in the 2012 NFL Draft?

With the 2012 NFL Draft fast approaching one of the biggest things that fans talk about is draft position.  Being more specific, fans will talk about whether or not their team should trade up, keep their assigned draft pick, or trade down.

This week, as we lead up to the draft tonight on ESPN, I have broken down whether or not the Buffalo Bills should keep their pick, trade up, or trade down.

In my first post this week I discussed why the Bills should keep their 10th pick on Thursday, then in my second post I talked about the possibility of trading up.  For this post I will be discussing why I think the Buffalo Bills should consider trading down from the 10th overall pick to something lower.

While there are some solid reasons that the Bills should keep their 10th pick, or even trade up, there can also be a strong argument for the team to trade down in the 2012 NFL draft tonight.

This is something that ESPN AFC East blogger James Walker had the team do in the site’s blogger’s draft (trading from 10 back to 16), and I can definitely see his reasoning.

Looking at this year’s draft, as well as most of the prospects the team may be looking at picking, it’s hard for me to argue that any of them are worth a top 10 pick.  Much like my reason for the team to trade up, “value” could be the biggest reason the team should trade down.

If the Bills are able to trade back to somewhere in the middle teens (like Walker suggested) many of their targets may still be on the board.  Coupling that fact with the fact that they would be able to pick up extra picks for moving back.

Moving back is often a risky move.   With that said, in a draft like this, and in the spot the Bills are at, it could be their smartest move if they find the right deal.

If the team was going to move back my best guess would be that they would still be able to go after an offensive tackle, possibly Riley Reiff.  While I am not a huge fan of grabbing Reiff with the tenth pick, picking him at a little later in the first round could be a great value.

Make sure you check out the draft tonight on ESPN and check back in to Rant Sports for my thoughts on the team’s picks.

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