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Tennessee Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak and General Manager Ruston Webster Give their Philosophy of the 2012 NFL Draft

Along with many of the players, the general manager and head coach were available during these first few days of the Tennessee Titans off season program to get together and talk about not only the upcoming 2012 NFL draft, but the current players, recently signed players and the off season program itself.

Ruston Webster, General Manager of the Titans, opened up the conference with how happy he has been with the processes of the Titans front office this offseason. He stated that the scouts have worked hard and he believes that the team is in a really good position.

I believe also that the Titans are in a really good position. They have worked hard and made some big moves in the offseason to help secure the playing for the team. Though some people look at a 9-7 record and recognize it as a good record because the team is over .500, the Titans don’t see it that way. In no way should they be down on themselves as if they played poorly last year, but when you only play 16 or 17 games a season, it’s a little different then baseball, basketball or hockey. But it did take up until the last game of the season to decide that they were not going to make the playoffs.

And all the Titans could do that regular season game was win and hope every other card in the league fell into its spot. That is something that they want to work on this year. Not having the fate of their playoff hopes resting in some other teams’ hands.

During his press conference coach Munchak told reporters of that he is feeling confident with his set of offensive linemen but if it came to it where they would need to choose someone within the first three rounds, that he thinks there are plenty of good choices out there.

It’s crazy to think how much players can move when it comes this close to the draft, general manager told reports, “We might move them up a round.  We might put one guy over another.  But typically they’re not big moves.  We have multiple grades on these players, and you have to be careful not to ignore those grades and move guys up too far or whatever.  Typically, we keep them in the range we had them in.  A lot of times it’s just stacking who we would take over who.  But we will move a guy up a round here or there.”

The Titans sound like they are ready for the draft, it’s all a matter of priorities. The first round of the draft starts tonight at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN. The Titans will be selecting 20th overall.