Texas Issues Fugitive Arrests Warrants for Former NFL QB Ryan Leaf

The saga of former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has taken yet another turn today, as reports have surfaced that Leaf is being considered a fugitive from justice by officials in Texas and warrants have been issued for his arrest due to various probation violations in the Texas Panhandle.

Leaf, a former quarterbacks coach at West Texas A&M University and NFL quarterback for several teams including the San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys, was issued a 10-year probation sentence in 2010 due to a burglary and his involvement in dealing prescription drugs in Canyon, Texas, just outside of Amarillo.

Recently, Leaf was arrested and summarily released twice in 72-hours for burglary in his home town of Great Falls, Montana. Leaf is being held in the Cascade County, Montana jail for these two burglaries, and appeared on a closed camera system to be issued the warrants in question by Texas authorities.

Leaf’s total bond now stands at $126,000 and he is set to face trial for the two Montana burglary charges in Great Falls on Thursday, May 3rd. A date has yet to be determined for the trial proceedings, should they occur, for the probation violations in Texas.

There are two sides to the argument on Ryan Leaf: some believe his is a junkie who needs time in drug rehabilitation, while others believe he has manipulated the system by making public appearances speaking on the evils of drug use and playing “clean” and therefore belongs in jail rather than rehab.

It’s obvious to me he needs help for his drug addiction– an addiction that predicated the two robberies for which he is currently being held. He isn’t a hard-core criminal who robs people for the thrill, he robs people out of necessity.

As soon as the courts and the legal system realize this to be the case, Ryan Leaf will finally move on the path toward rehabbing and being a better person.

At least we can hope this will be the case.

When it comes to addiction, hope is very different from certainty.

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